1. 2017 Activity Book

    Take a look at rules and guidelines for different sports and activities in the Recreation Department.

  2. Parks & Facilities

    Easily view the locations, contact information and amenities of the various Wheatfield Town Parks.

  3. Local Waterfront Revitalization Project

    View the step by step process for the Local Waterfront Revitalization Project.

  4. Maps

    Access a list of maps of Wheatfield such as boundaries, zoning, land use and more.

  5. Public Hearings

    Explore a list of notices concerning public hearings, law changes and more.

  6. Town Hall Closings

    View the list of dates that the Town Hall will be closed.

  7. Wheatfield YouTube Channel

    Check out Wheatfield on YouTube and take a look at public hearings and other great videos.