Branch Pick Up

chipper pile


       Branch pick-up in the Town will NO longer be on a designated day (the day before trash pick-up). The truck will start at one part of Town and continue throughout the Town until done.  The reasons for this consist of Holidays, Rain days, Volume of brush, or Lack of volume and equipment breakdowns. As a reminder, branches should not be shorter than 4ft in length and cut ends should be placed toward the roadway with entire pile in one direction.

      Branches less than 4ft should be bagged and put with regular trash pick up.

      Branch pick-up is not intended for weekly trimming or for clearing an entire lot, but is usually done bi-annually or after storms. If a contractor is hired to remove a tree that company should chip and/or remove debris. The busiest roadways, mostly State and County, will be picked up when manpower is available to provide an additional follow truck which is required for safety of the employees.

      During summer months the branch truck may be taken off the road for short periods of time in order to utilize all manpower for other work such as, drainage and paving projects.


       We are unable to collect tall (ornamental) grasses, vines, weeds, decayed firewood, or other forms of yard waste. This should be disposed of through regular trash service. Leaves are only accepted during the fall curbside leaf collection season. Railroad ties, landscape timbers, or other processed wood is also not accepted through the program or in the compost facility


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