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Wheatfield Comprehensive Plan Implementation – Mission Objectives

The Town of Wheatfield adopted an updated Comprehensive Plan in 2004; which now in accordance with that document should be implemented. The Comprehensive Plan Committee (an implementation action of the Comprehensive Plan) will ensure that the Plan’s implementation actions are formulated in a timely manner, and are in conformance with the Plan and it’s goals.

  • To maintain and preserve community character.
  • To carefully plan for and manage new growth to take advantage of existing assists while minimizing potential negative impacts.
  • To ensure a safe transportation network that can accomadate the needs of both automotive and non-automotive travel.
  • To promote attractive and well planed development.
  • To protect important open space, environmental and recreational assets in the Town of Wheatfield.

The Committee will use the Comprehensive Plan, their expertise, sub-committees, samples provided in the Comprehensive Plan appendix, and a planning consultant as necessary to formulate these implementation actions.

The Comprehensive Plan Task Force is Co-Chaired by Councilmen Art Gerbec and Councilmen Randy Retzlaff along with Facilitator Richard Muscatello.
The Committee is also comprised of seven additional members along with five resource members and recording Secretary Melissa Germann.

The Comprehensive Planning Implementation Task Force, with its officers and resource personnel, consists of seven (7) subordinate Focus Groups with their own members. Focus Group leaders are voting members of the Task Force. Subordinate Focus Groups are;
    1) Agriculture- 4th Tuesday
    2) Greenspace- 4th Tuesday
    3) Parks & Recreation- 3rd Thursday
    4) Business Development- 3rdThursday
    5) Veterans Memorial- 3rd Thursday
    6) Disaster Planning/Emergency Management TBA
    7) Town Center- 3rd Tuesday

A list of goals for 2014
A Complete list of Focus Group time,dates,contacts

For more information on the New York State open space plan click here or for more information on Niagara Countys Comprehensive Plan click here.

Master Plan

Master Plan

CPTF Meeting Agendas

CPTF Meeting Minutes


Agriculture Page


Greenspace Page

Veterans Memorial

Veterans Memorial Page

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