Culvert Pipe Installation


On Town Roads:

1.  Contact Highway Superintendent at 716-692-3508. He will inspect the site and determine size and type of pipe required.

2.  Highway Department will notify property owner about size and type of pipe required and will send out a Permit application along with a copy of the Driveway Installation Law of the Town of Wheatfield.

3.  Highway Fees are as follows:  Cost of culvert pipe, also Permit Fee.  Residential : (Yard Only: $50.00 , Driveway Only: $100.00, Yard & Driveway: $150.00, Culvert greater than 24" Diameter : $250.00). Commercial : (Culvert less than or equal to 24" diameter : $150.00, Culvert greater than 24" diameter: $500.00)

4.  No Fees will be charged for permits issued for repair or replacement of facilities presently existing within Town right-of-way, or for municipally sponsored improvements. Surety devices may be required depending on the scope and magnitude of the work involved.

5.  Property owner will sign Permit Application and return it to Highway Department.

6.  Property owner is responsible for purchasing the required size and type of pipe.

7.  After the pipe has been purchased, the Highway Department will provide the stone; and installation will be completed as soon as our work schedule permits.

On County Roads (Nash Rd, Lockport Rd, Mapleton Rd, Walmore Rd, Niagara Rd):

1.  Contact Niagara County Highway Department at 716-439-7360 for their procedure and permit.

On State Roads (Niagara Falls Blvd, Ward Rd, Shawnee Rd, and Williams Rd):

1.  Contact New York State Department of Transportation at 716-438-2396 for their procedure.